MSCI WORLD ex USA Index – Dynamic Shot Down…


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12.11.2018 –  CAC 40 – MACRON OMEN ON…

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12.11.2018 –  DAX – GERMAN EQUITY under the EDGE…

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12.11.2018  –  FTSE – FIGHTING with BEAR…

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13.11.2018 –  NASDAQ – TECH PRESSURE…


GLOBAL DOW  Big Picture Update

13.11.2018 –  GLOBAL DOW INDEX – RISK OFF Wave…


ATA Continuation of…

7.10.2018 –  MSCI WORLD ex USA Index – Global Falling Down Reality…


Today in

ATA RESEARCH  Focus  is   MSCI WORLD ex USA Index  Update

World  Equity Index  without  Wall Street 


Dynamic Shot Down…




Present – November   Psychological Key Level –  1800


Lower   Zone of Bullish Channel  – Key Level  1700  Zone 


Now , 10 year after Lehman Crash  without  any  Second  Lehman

15.09.2018  –  Financial Decade after Lehman Panic…


MSCI WORLD ex USA Index is…


2014 TOP  –  Max 2015 with Key Level 2000


 2011 TOP –  Max 1852 with Key Level  1850



Don’t Forget

End of December Futures Series…

of course with

End of the Year…



MSCI WORLD ex USA Index  Monthly Charts :



MSCI -M - 1

MSCI -M - 2



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