2021 – 2023 Horizon


BofA – Endgame Begins

Global Rate Shock Has Triggered Tech Wreck, Recession Countdown Systemic Event

JPMorgan Warns

S&P Fair Value Is 2,500 If Inflation Shocks Do Not Fade Away

Jim Grant – Fed Warns

The Fed – Speculator on the Wrong Side of the Market

Goldman Sachs Bond Market “Jonestown” Delusion Territory Warns

$100T of the planet’s wealth is positioned in bonds sub 2% in yield with inflation normalizing this cycle at 3-4% vs 1-2% post Lehman

Bill Ackman Warning

We’re in a “Classic Bubble” that’s “Fueled by The Fed”

Goldman Boss Solomon Warns

Market Greed Is outpacing Fear

Rickards New Great Depression Warning

No Full Recovery until 2045

Not Recover from Pandemic fully until 2045 or later in Terms of

Savings, Consumption, Disinflation, Low Interest Rates, Low Growth

Michael Burry Wall Street Madness

Michael Burry Blasts Fed, SEC Over Most Speculative, Overvalued, Geopolitically-Challenged Market In Decades

Larry Summers Warns

Central Banking Blast

Economic Stagnation & Japanization

Michael Snyder Warns

They Have Lost Control – Our Destination Is Economic Collapse

Stan Druckenmiller – This Bubble Is in Everything

Warns Crypto, Meme Stocks, Bonds are in Bubble

Peter Schiff Warns of Irrational Exuberance in the Stock Market Casino

Stanley Druckenmiller Warns Stock Market is in an ‘Absolute Raging Mania’

Volatility Storm Rising Risk

” Sugar High ” Over – Nomura Warning

US Economy Has Entered Slowdown Phase

Gartman The Bull Market Has Ended And The Bear Market Has Begun

Goldman Sachs Stagflation Horror

Roubini Dr.Doom Warns Stagflationary Debt Crisis

Jim Rogers Warns – Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime

Six Largest Wall Street Banks Wall Street Red Alerts

Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Credit Suisse And Goldman Sachs.

“Red Alert” Warnings on the US Stock Market

BofA Warns Stagflationary Hell

Only The Biggest Ever Bubble Delaying A Catastrophic Recession

” No Palce to Hide ” UBS Warning

Roubini ‘Dr. Doom’ Mega Warning

‘Train Wreck’ Stock Market Crash

Stagflationary Debt Crisis

10-year Depression is coming… investors far too confident about a possible recovery…

Legendary Investor Jeremy Grantham Warning

” Epic Bubble ”

“Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Warning

” Mother of All Crashes ”

Rob Subbaraman Nomura

Cassandra Warning Model

Palantir Gold Bet Warning

Preparing for Future More Black Swans

IMF Warns

Russia-Ukraine Conflict will have “Very Serious” Impact on Global Economy

Stephen Roach Warning

Russian Default would hit Emerging Markets and China

Structural Stagflation Risk

Not Just Stagflation – Structural Stagflation

Bill Gross Warns

Fed Rate Hikes Will “Crack” US Economy And Housing Market

Great Depression II Warning

Morgan Stanley Strategist Michael Wilson Bearish Warns

Vicious Bear Market Rally To Sell – Stocks Will Drop Another 10-20% By Mid-April

Morgan Stanley US Economy Cycle Peak

Downturn 5-10 Months From Now

Peter Boockvar Recession Warning

Recession Near as Fed Hikes Rates while Economy Slows

Carl Icahn Warning

could be Recession or Even Worse

Peter Schiff Fed Warns

Fed has things under control and everything will be just fine

“Everything is Great” Attitude will have to come to an End

“Everything Is Great” Attitude can’t Last Forever

OIL Russia Shock Warnings

Doug King RCMA Merchant Commodity Fund Oil Target 200 – 250 USD

Trafigura Oil Target 150 USD

Steve Hanke Economics Professor of John Hopkins University Fed Warns

Misguided Fed Policy

NATO Nuclear Warning

Risk of Russian Nuclear Incidents

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Risk

Russia vs US – NATO

Bill Blain Shard Capital Capitalism System Warning

Decline & Fall of Capitalism

Mark Spiegel Stanphyl Capital Bubble – Fed Warning

The Biggest Asset Bubble In U.S. History

JPMorgan Dimon Warns

Unprecedented Risks Combo of Inflation, War & COVID

Morgan Stanley Mike Wilson Wars

Bear Market Rally Over

End of Monetary Policy as we All knew It Warns

beginning of the end of Keynesian Economic Experiment

Peter Schiff US Stagflation Warning

America is heading for Stagflation

David Stockman Crash Warning

coming Stock Market Crash of ” Biblical Proportions “

Peter Schiff Crash Warning

Risk of Market Crash Keeps Growing

David Stockman Inflation Warns

Inflationary Hell

Deutsche Bank Warns

prepare for Hard Landing

Bundesbank Crisis Warns

Severe Crisis Scenario upon Russian Gas Embargo

Nouriel Roubini  Dr. Doom Stagflation Warns

Global Stagflationary Storm

Peter Schiff Fed Bubble Warning

Fed Ego Only Thing Bigger Than Present Bubble

ARK Cathie Wood Warns

Slide in Stocks Sign the Fed could trigger a Financial Crisis

Warren Buffett Warns

Wall Street for turning Stock Market into Gambling Parlor

Large US Companies have become Poker Chips

BofA Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett Warning

“Apocalyptic ” “Max Pain” and “Exit”

Inflation in America, Stagflation in Europe, Deflation/Devaluation in China/Japan

Bear Market on Wall Street

Peter Schiff Fed Warns

Fed ‘Double-Speak’ New High

Bridgewater Ray Dalio US Stock Market Warns

US Stock Market “Out of the Bubble Extremes’ vs ‘Overvalued’ US Stock Market Still Not “Safe”

James Rickards Currency War Author USD Warning

USD Collapse is Happening Before Our Eyes

Commerzbank Chief Executive Officer Manfred Knof Bankruptcies Warning

European Tsunami of Bankruptcies – Stagflation Risks

Peter Schiff Fed – Inflation Warning

Fed Has Already Lost the Inflation Fight

Nouriel Roubini “dr Doom” Warning

“nowhere near the bottom”

more monetary tightening to come from central banks

more bad news on economic activity and stocks market

Draghi Russia War – Europe Warning

Draghi Warns War could bring Drastic Changes for Europe

Kiyosaki Crash Warning

Biggest Crash in History is Coming

Nouriel Roubini “dr Doom” Mega Bubble Warning

The Mother and Father of All Bubbles

El-Erian Warning

Beware a Global Economy with Little Fires Everywhere

Bill Gates Warns

‘pretty strong argument’ for Global Economic Slowdown 

Ex-Goldman CEO Blankfein Recession Warning

recession possibility is ‘very high risk factor’

Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Crash Warning

Michael Burry expects a far steeper decline in the stock market

Rabobank Economic War and Famine Warning

Undeclared Global Economic War and Worldwide Famine

BlackRock Warns

BlackRock downgrades US stocks

World Largest Asset Manager sees Growing Risk that Fed rate hikes will trigger a Recession

Morgan Stanley Warns

too early to be Bullish S&P 500 Target 3.400

Gartman Bear Market Warns & Advises

Selling Rallies in This Year’s ‘Bear Market’

Bill Ackman Fed Warning

Fed Lost Investors Confidence

Peter Schiff US Economy Warning

It was the “Strong Economy” that Was Transitory

Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Stocks Crash & Housing Bubble Warning

Market Crash like Plane Crash – tumbling stocks and home sales – Housing Bubble Bursting

Stephen Roach Yale University – Fed Warning

Fed is Delusional

Danielle DiMartino Booth Warning

End of 40-Year Bull in Debt

Global Depression

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Economic Hurricane Warning

‘brace yourself’ for an Economic Hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine War

Judy Shelton-Economic Advisor of US President Trump Fed Warning

Fed can only “Kill the Economy” with “Whatever It Takes” Approach

Goldman Sachs COO John Waldron Shocks Warning

Unprecedented Shocks in Economy

Elon Musk  Economy Warning

“Super Bad Feeling” about Economy

Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio Stagflation Shock – Fed Rate Cut Capitulation Warning

Fed and other central banks will have to start cutting interest rates again in two years

in an effort to rebuild their economies following a damaging bout of stagflation

Bridgewater Ray Dalio Wall Street Crash Warning

stocks could crash 25% if Fed policymakers fully commit to lowering inflation

Nobel Laureate Yale professor Robert Shiller Recession Warning

“good chance” “much higher than normal” 50% U.S. will experience a recession

sometime over the next few years

Trafigura CEO Jeremy Weir Oil Epic Blowoff Top Warning

Warns of “Parabolic” Blowoff Top in Crude – Worst of Energy Crisis just Ahead 

crude oil prices could catapult to $150 or more, in what could be an epic blowoff top

Stanley Druckenmiller US Investor Warning

Bear market has a ways to run and Recession is in the Cards

Peter Schiff Recession Warning

Recession Deepens — Warns ‘Don’t Buy This Dip’

Bill Blain Strategist at Shard Capital Warning

Warns “We Are Spiralling into Something Messy”

Bank of America Technical Recession – Shocks Warning

US in technical recession, but just don’t realize it’

more ‘Shocks’ to come

Peter Tchir Head of Macro Strategy at Academy Securities Warning

‘Getting Very Nervous’ – Moving from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 3

Founder ‘The Bear Traps Report’ McDonald New Lehman Warning

Warns of Another Lehman Moment

Musk Roubini and Goldman Sachs US Recession Warnings

Warns of Rising US Recession Risk

Dr Doom Nouriel Roubini Stagflationary Debt Crisis Warning

Worst Elements both 1970s – 2008 Crash

Stock Market More Bearish 35% or 50%

Mike Wilson Chief Investment Officer Morgan Stanley Warning

This Slowdown Even Worse Than We Expected

S&P500 Will Hit 3,000 Late 2022 Year

Jeffrey Tucker American Economics Austrian School Depression Warning

Slow Motion Depression

Peter Schiff Long-Deep Recession Warning

Long and Deep Recession vs Not Short Shallow Recession

Martin Armstrong Crisis – War 2023 Warning

2023 will be a Year from Hell specially for Europe and EURO Currency – Martin Armstrong Warns

Robert Kiyosaki Bonds Crash Warning

Warns of ‘Biggest Bond Crash Since 1788

James Rickards Fed Warning

Fed Cure may be Worse than the Disease

Peter Schiff Recession Warning

It’s Getting Harder to Deny Recession Reality

Dr Doom Nouriel Roubini Recession Megathreat

Shallow Recession – Totally Delusional

Jim Rogers Worst Bear Market Warning

‘the Worst’ Bear Market in His Lifetime is Incoming

Jeremy Grantham Stock Super Bubble Warning

Prepare For An Epic Finale – Jeremy Grantham Warns Stock Market ‘Super Bubble’ Has Yet To Burst

Barry Sternlicht Wall Street SELL OFF Warning

US Economy is “braking hard”

“Serious Recession” Q4/2022

US Housing Market Crash Risk

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam Worldwide Recession Warning

Recession is impending for the Global Economy

Goldman Sachs Wall Street Bearish Scenario Warning

Further 27% drop in the S&P 500 could be coming if Inflation Hawks are right

S&P500 Target 2.900 Zone

World Bank Global Recession Warning

Higher Rates = Rising Risk of Global Recession

Robert Kiyosaki Fed Destructive Impact on US Economy Warning

Robert Kiyosaki Warns Fed Rate Hikes Will Destroy US Economy

Dr. Doom Roubini Recession & Wall Street Bear Wave Warning

‘Long, Ugly’ Recession and Stocks Sinking 40%

Carl Icahn US Downfall like Roman Empire Scenario Warning

‘the worst is yet to come’ for investors

compares US Risk of Fall to the Fall of the Roman Empire

Credit Suisse Global Economy Warning

Worst is yet to come

BofA Corporate Bond Market Warning

Credit Stress is Critical

Fed is About To Break The Corporate Bond Market

Bond King Bill Gross Fed Hawkish Spark Credit Crunch and Global Depression

warns Fed against raising interest rates – hike rates could spark Credit Crunch and Global Depression

Michael Hartnett Merrill Lynch Chief Global Equity Strategist Fed Capitulation Warning

Fed Panic is Comming – Fed Pivot – S&P500 Target 3000 Zone 2023 Year Horizon

Cathie Wood ARK Recession Warning

We’re in a recession right now’ and it’s going to get worse

Lawrence Lepard Equity Management Associates LLC – Fed QE Doom Loop Warning

Fed QE Doom Loop – The Money Is Now Broken

70s-style Stagflation Deutsche Bank Warning

Risk of 70s-style stagflation

Markets could be in for a long period of Negative returns for stocks and bonds

Dr. Doom Roubini Dollar Crash Warning

Warns of Imminent Dollar Crash

Berkshire Hathaway Charlie Munger Horrible Economic Crisis Warning

Charlie Munger Predicts a Horrible Economic Crisis Where Everything Will Collapse

Dr. Doom Roubini World War III Warning

World War III has Effectively Begun

Maersk Rapid Economic Deterioration Warning

Global Trade – Dark Clouds On Horizon

GoldSwitzerland Von Greyerz $2.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Disaster Warning

End of Major Era $2.5 Quadrillion Risk vs Global GDP $80 Trillion. 

Disaster waiting to happen – all this created monery has no value

Hedge Fund Elliott Warning Worst Financial Crisis Warning

Warns Worst Financial Crisis since World War II


Global Societal Collapse

Big Short Michael Burry Multiyear Recession Warning

Extended Multiyear Recession Scenario

Dr Doom Nouriel Roubini Warning The Unavoidable Crash

Roubini Warns – Brace for a stagflationary crisis that the Fed and other policymakers will be powerless to prevent

BlackRock Recession Elevated Volatility Warning

get ready for a recession unlike any other and ‘what worked in the past won’t work now’

TSMC Founder Morris Chang Globalization Over Warning

Globalization ‘almost dead’

Bill Ackman Fed Recession Warning

deep job-destroying recession to get back to 2% inflation by Fed Hawkish Policy

Elon Musk Margin Debt Warning

Elon Musk Warns Against Margin Debt on Risk of Market Mass Panic

US Dollar Petrodollar Oil Trade System Warning

Saudi Arabia open to Trade in other Currencies

US Dollar Global Trade and Reserves Status Warning

BRICS R5 Project Gold backed Currencies replace USD

Yellen Warning Global Financial Crisis

US Debt Limit Ceiling Risk

Starwood Capital Barry Sternlich Financial System Instability Risk Warning

If Fed Chair Powell keeps raising rates, “he risks the entire financial stability of the system,”


Main CENTRAL BANKS -Biggest ever Black Swans

Powellenburg Omen

Powell Pop The Asset Bubble created by Fed Repeated Policy Errors

Minsky Moment Flat Money “Printing” System

Global Debt Bubble Burst

EURO Currency Downfall

US Dollar Losing the World Reserve Currency Status

OIL and GAS Prices Skyrocket Wave to Stratospheric Levels

Global Economy Entering Recession and Finally Depression

especially in Eurozone , Russia and China

US Great Depression Deja Vu

Russia Factor

Russia Default High Risk – 1998 Deja Vu

Russia Junk Rating S&P Moody’s Fitch Triple Strike

Russia War Outbreak

Long Term Conflict

Chernobyl Syndrome Radioactive Dangers

Russia Combat Ukraine Nuclear Power Plants

RUSSIA – NATO Conflict in Europe

from Proxy War Russia-Ukraine to Russia-NATO War Escalation in Europe

China Strategic Factor

China Invasion on Taiwan

Geopolitical and Financial (SWIFT Bypass) Support Russia

Present Test West specially US Reaction on Russia Invasion


Coronavirus or Russia Invasion “Ugly Duckling”-Trigger


Early End of Russia – Ukraine War

Putin Losing Power in Russia

Lukashenko Losing Power in Belarus


Democratisation of East

Eurozone Central East Europe Economic Boom












always remember

Market Trend always changed when Mainstream Media created 

One Slogan ” No Chance for Change “…

that’s why

Charts show you  Reversal Pattern First  ex ante…!!!


Finally …

Most Important is  Final  Smart Money Reaction….




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