Virgin Galactic – First Spaceflight Ahead…

Virgin Galactic  –  Back Today on ATA Research Radar 

ATA Continuation of…

28.05.2020 –  Virgin Galactic – Great Space Expectations…

10.07.2020 –  Virgin Galactic – Bulls Space Race…

5.08.2020 – Virgin Galactic – Earnings Missing in Space Action…

14.09.2020 – Virgin Galactic – Space Tourism Potential…

18.10.2020 – Virgin Galactic – AD ASTRA…

Virgin Galactic  Major Motives 

First Spaceflight from Spaceport America Expected to Occur Between November 19-23 

Rollout of Second Spaceship Scheduled to Take Place in the First Quarter of 2021 

Reopening Ticket Sales in 2021 Following Sir Richard Branson’s Spaceflight

All Time

Great Space  Tourism Business Expectations


Space Tourism Potential

First…ATA from  18.10.2020

” Now dominating

Bull Strike Back from 15 USD Zone

Back above Higher Psychological Key Level 20 USD


Present Testing Key Level 23 USD Zone

Present  Virgin Galactic  Battlefield 

20   vs   25 – 30  USD

Second…Present Virgin Galactic  Situation 



Charts have No Temperature

Markets Never Wrong vs Often Mistaken 

Hope is Not a Strategy 

Follow the Trendlines  Not the Headlines 

Failed Signal is the Strongest Signal


First…Market Motive…

Second…Market Technical  Pattern…


First…Key Master Motives 

Space Boom Cycle 


Pandemic Second Wave Fear Strikes Back  

Second…Market Technical  Patterns

Medium Term  View 

First of All

All Time Low – Key Level  6.90  USD

November  2019

after Activated

Bull Reversal Signal – Bull Starting Gap 

December 2019

Dynamic Bull Wave

February 2020  Top – Key Level 42.50 USD Zone

(  High 42.49 )

Dynamic Bear Wave

March 2020  Low  – Key Level 9 USD Zone

(  Low 9.06 )

with Last

Bull Contraction 

Test  Psychological Key Level 30 USD 

56.4% FIB RET Last Falling Wave 


Bear Contraction 

Test Lower Psychological Key Level 15 USD 

61.8% FIB RET Last Wave Up

Now dominating

Next Ber Strike from 23 USD Zone

Back under Higher Psychological Key Level 20 USD


Present Rising & Testing Key Level 20 USD Zone


still Active

MACD Weekly Buy Signal 

Present  Virgin Galactic  Battlefield 

15 vs 20  USD

ATA Investment Conclusion

special focus on

Present Active Virgin Galactic Zone 

15 vs 20  USD

ATA Wall Street Maximes

Market Trend always changed when Mainstream Media created 

One Slogan ” No Chance for Change “…

that’s why

Charts show you  Reversal Pattern First  ex ante…!!!


Risk strikes Fast…

Chart is More Important than 1000 Words…


Most Important s Final Smart Money Reaction…

First…EOW-s & EOM – November

Virgin Galactic Weekly Charts

27.05.2020 – EOD

Virgin Galactic - W - Fibos

9.07.2020 – EOD

Virgin Galactic - W - Fibos

4.08.2020 – EOD 

Virgin Galactic - W - Fibos

11.09.2020 – EOW

16.10.2020 – EOW

5.11.2020 – EOD

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