COCA COLA  –  Back Today on ATA Research Radar 


ATA Continuation…

25.02.2018 –  COCA COLA – Ein Reich, Ein Volk, ein Getrank…


COCA COLA  Latest Main Motive

Beats Q2 Earnings & Revenue Estimates




First…ATA from 25.02.2018

” when you look at COCA COLA Monthly Chart

you can see  Inverted  Ending Diagonal 



Second…Present  COCA COLA  Situation 



First…Main Motive

Beats Q2 Earnings & Revenue Estimates

Present P/E  33.03  & Forward P/E  23.66

P/BV  12.74

Dividend Yield  2.98%  & Forward Dividend Yield 3.01%



Second..Market Technical Patterns 

First of All

Signals of  Change  ATA Technical  Outlook 


No Back under  1998 Top  vs only Pullback May 2018

(   ATA Coca  Cola  Research  February 2018 )


Last Shot Up & Break Upper Side – Resistance Zone


Inverted  Ending Diagonal Pattern 


Break Neckline Inverted H&S MACD 


still Active MACD Monthly Buy Signal 

( Monthly Chart )


for Now…

New Support – Psychological Key Level 50 USD


New Resistance – Psychological Key Level 55 USD



ATA Investment Conclusion

for Now dominating

Cancel  Risk Off Reversal Pattern 

Inverted Ending Diagonal 

of course It can be

Super Good News – Profits  Panic Buying Top 


Special Focus on

Psychological Key Levels  55  vs   50 USD


SM Reaction on 

FED Meeting & Verdict  – 31 July 

Finally – EOM – July 


ATA Reflection 

Timeless Slogan…!!??? 

”  Always  Coca Cola “.

Not be so Sure & Be careful of Dynamic Contraction…



always remember

Chart is More Important than 1000 Words…


Most Important s Final Smart Money Reaction…



Final…EOM –  July


COCA COLA  Monthly  Charts :

23.02.2018 – EOW 

Your new TVC

26.07.2019 – EOW 

Coca Cola - M - Line

Coca Cola - M

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